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Odoo installation

Odoo is a modular constructed business system that provides the ability to customize the software according to your requirements. Before you start with the installation of Odoo, you should take some time and think about some facts, to gain the maximum advantage.


Availability and sizing

All functions in Odoo are web based and therefore available via a normal browser. This allows you and your employees to access all ERP functionsfrom anywhere, including on mobile devices. In general you could say that a corresponding computer with 2 GB RAM, min. 10 GB hard drive and a good Internet connection for the operation of Odoo is sufficient. However, the final use of the system must be considered.

-     How many users will access the system?
-     IIf the connection of external systems, for example DMS provided?
-     Should a website or a shop be operated?
-     Is a POS connection planned?

These are just a few considerations have a direct impact on the design of the hardware/VM and availability.

Maintenance and know-how

The operation, the security and the availability of an ERP system are essential for a company. A failure or loss of data is a disaster. In this regard, you should consider whether you have the appropriate business capabilities and know-how to cover the operation itself, or is this possibly outsource about hosting. For more information about hosting, click here.

availability of an ERP system

In addition to our experience in the field of ERP systems, IT IS AG is not only an expert in Odoo. Since its foundation in 1999 IT IS is a computer expert and hardware supplier, too. IT IS AG has its own data center. We guarantee high-quality hosting, sizing of hardware and software, and consultation and support for security and infrastructure.

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